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Military Antennas

C&S Antennas, Inc., a subsidiary of Amphenol Jaybeam, is a market leader in the supply of lightweight, tactical HF broadband antennas, radio relay antennas and man-portable telescopic masts to government and military customers worldwide. Our rugged and durable designs are simple to deploy and provide reliable communications in hostile environments.

CARRYMAST™ is a range of lightweight, man-portable carbon fiber masts available in 9m (30ft), 10m (34ft), 12m (38ft) and 15m (50ft) standard heights. These lightweight masts are designed to be carried by one person and can be erected in the field in minutes, even under severe weather conditions. CARRYMAST™ was designed to support CSA’s range of Tactical HF Antennas. An assortment of adapters and accessories are available to support UHF, VHF and microwave antennas as well.
document CTM CARRYMAST™ Brochure

FANLITE™ is a family of lightweight, man-portable, HF broadband antennas intended for omnidirectional skywave communications in the range of 0-1600 km (0-1000 miles), including short-range Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) operation. Models are available covering 1.6-30 MHz, 2-30 MHz, 3-30 MHz and 4-30 MHz. For long range communications of 3200 km (+2000 miles,) a sloping-vee reconfiguration kit can is available. Fixed station kits as well as covert operation kits are also available.
document LFH FANLITE™ Antennas Brochure

LONGSHOT™ is a lightweight, transportable HF wire antenna kit intended primarily for long range skywave communications in the range of 14,500 km (9000 miles.) LONGSHOT™ can be used with the 15m (50ft) CARRYMAST™ and can be deployed in 5 conventional mast-mounted configurations. The antenna is designed to operate over the 2-30 MHz frequency and is rated for 1 KW continuous operating power.  

MTA/XL is a multi-role, tactical HF antenna system designed to operate over the 1.6-30 MHz frequency range. These antennas are exceptionally lightweight at 2.3 kg (5 lbs) and can be configured into 4 conventional antenna variants: horizontal dipole, sloping dipole, sloping wire and dipole-on-the-ground. A NVIS variant is available providing omnidirectional coverage for distances of 0-1600 km (0-1000 miles).
document MULTILITE Brochure

MVP Radio Relay Antennas are lightweight, high gain, robust reflector antennas for Band 1 (224-400 MHz), Band 2 (610-960 MHz) and Band 3 (1350-1850 MHz) operation. The Band 2 and Band 3 designs share a common reflector with interchangeable feeds for maximum flexibility.

For additional product information, please visit the C&S Antennas website.

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