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Antenna Accessories
Amphenol Jaybeam offers a wide selection of mounting options and accessories for each antenna produced. Please refer to the individual antenna datasheet to determine accessories available for that antenna model. For additional assistance, please contact Amphenol Jaybeam customer service.
Base Station Antenna Accessories

Base Station Antenna Accessories:

Omnidirectional and Yagi Antenna Mounts

Omnidirectional and Yagi Antenna Mounting Accessories

Panel Antenna Mounts

MKS Series Mounts (Amphenol Jaybeam style to replace XSL series mounts)
XSL Series Mounts (CSA Wireless style 2G and 3G antenna mounts)
0900 Series Mounts (Mat-Jaybeam style 2G and 3G antenna mounts)
MA Series Mounts (Mat Equipment style panel antenna mounts)

Mobile Antenna Accessories

Mobile Antenna Accessories:

WORLDLINE series bases and whips
HEAVY DUTY series bases and whips
Cable Assemblies & Adapters

Marine Antenna Accessories

Marine Antenna Accessories:

Cable Assemblies and Adapters
Mounting bases and whips

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